Horizontal Machining

5 Axis
HU -5X Trunnion Series HU-T Table-on-Table Series HU-TS Tilt Spindle Series

4 Axis
HU Series HPX Series

Vertical Machining

5 Axis
Vertex-5X Series VL-5X Series

3~4 Axis
Vertex Series VU Series VL Series

Jig Borers

3 ~ 5 Axis Vertical

4 & 5 axis Horizontal

Jig Grinders

Thread Grinders




MITSUI SEIKI High Performance Machining Center Model HU100-5XLL with 1,000 mm square table. With a trunnion style two axis table and two Pallet Box Style and features including a Two Pallet APC. Numerically controlled with all standard equipment Automatic Tool Changer, and high performance capability for milling, drilling, boring, tapping & reaming. With electrical equipment for operation on 3-phases 50/60Hz, 200/220 Volts AC.


Working Capacity
Table longitudinal stroke (X axis) 2,500 mm (98.42")
Spindle head vertical stroke (Y axis) 1,750 mm (68.89")
Column longitudinal stroke (Z axis) 1,400 mm (55.11")
Distance from table center to spindle nose (When A axis is horizontal) 200 - 1600 mm (7.9" - 62.99")
Distance from table surface to spindle nose
(When A axis is vertical)
350 - 1750 mm (13.8" - 68.89")
Distance from table surface to spindle axis
(When A axis is horizontal):
-250mm to +1500mm (-9.8" to 59.05")
Distance from table center to spindle axis
(When A axis is vertical)
plus 1150mm to minus 600 mm
(plus 45.27" to minus 23.6")
Distance from table surface to A-Axis pivot point 250mm (9.8")
Interference machine cover
with work piece on pallet
In machine 2,200 mm (2,500) mm Ø 86.61” (98.42" Ø)
In 2APC (Boxer Type) 2,500 mm Ø (98.42" Ø)
Original positions
X, Y and Z axes +end
B axis 0º (X axis parallel with edge locator of pallet)
A axis Horizontal to pallet
Guide Way Configuration
Axis guide way for linear axes Steel square guide
Feed Rate (X, Y, Z and B axes)
Rapid traverse
X axis 9,500 mm/min (374 ipm)
Y & Z axes 12,000 mm/min (472 ipm)
B axis 1,440º/min
A axis 720º/min
Cutting feed
X, Y and Z axes 0.1 - 10,000 mm/min (0.01 - 394 ipm)
B axis 1,440º/min
A axis 720º/min
Minimum Resolution
X, Y and Z axes 0.001 mm (0.0001")
B axis 0.001º
A axis 0.001º
Position Transducer
X, Y and Z axes Linear scale feedback system Precision glass scale (std)
    glass scale (std)
B axis Rotary precision scale (Inductosyn scale)
A axis Rotary encoder
Power Required
Electrical Service Required AC 200/220V 3ph, 50/60HZ
    75KVA/4,500 RPM
Air Required
Air Service Required (Dry and clean air), Min. 70-110
    @ 25 CFM
Machine Dimensions
(Standard machine, includes
2 APC and chip conveyor)
Length 9,380 mm
Width 10,200 mm
Height 4,850 mm
Height of table surface from floor 1,925 mm
Machine Weight ~55,000kgs (121,000 lbs)
Numerical Control Equipment
CNC Control FANUC 30i
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