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MODEL GSN-180iS-High Lead

This machine is a CNC controlled Thread Grinder, equipped with a Fanuc 30i Series CNC Control. This machine is completely automatic except for set-up, loading and unloading of work and resetting the size handwheel. The machine is supplied ready for operation on 3 phase, 60Hz., 200-220Volts AC.


Numerically Controlled Axes
Spindle rotation C axis
Table feed Z axis
Wheel feed & Dress feed X axis
Maximum diameter swing over table Ø480 mm
Maximum length of threaded portion to be ground 180 mm
Minimum diameter of workpiece hole to be ground ~ 20 mm
Wheel Spindle
Effective wheel size ~20-50mm
width ~ 6-16mm
Range of wheel spindle

Change of speed
  Stepless by frequency inverter
In case of standard type H.F. Motor(as option) 15,000-24,000rpm
In case of rigid type H.F. Motor (as option) 8,000-15,000rpm.
In case of straight type H.F. Motor (as option) 8,000-15,000rpm.
In case of high speed type H.F. Motor (as option) 22,500-45,000rpm.
Maximum helix angle of wheel spindle ±10°
Wheel Spindle Head
Wheel head forwarding and retracting travel (NC) Max. 234 mm
Feed rate per one step 0.001mm
Manual wheel in-feed rate (INCHING) 500mm/min
per one graduation of pulse handle 0.001 mm
Automatic wheel in-feed rate
Total amount of in-feed 9.999 mm
Max. in-feed rate 0.999 mm
Min. in-feed rate 0.001 mm
Total stroke 450 mm
Min feed per step 0.0001 mm
Lead setting range 0.25 - 50
Rapid returning without spindle rotation 1,000mm/min
Work Spindle Head
Maximum work dia. inserted through work spindle hole Ø65 mm
No. of work spindle speed selection Stepless
Work spindle speed Max. 100 rpm
Work spindle angle per one step 0.005 degree
No. of thread for automatic indexing for multi-start screw Infinitely
Overall Dimensions
Height from floor to axis Approx. 1,200 mm
Machine height Approx. 1,800 mm
Floor space Approx. 3,860 x 3,835 mm
Net weight 7,000 kgs.
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