Horizontal Machining

5 Axis
HU -5X Trunnion Series HU-T Table-on-Table Series HU-TS Tilt Spindle Series

4 Axis
HU Series HPX Series

Vertical Machining

5 Axis
Vertex-5X Series VL-5X Series

3~4 Axis
Vertex Series VU Series VL Series

Jig Borers

3 ~ 5 Axis Vertical

4 & 5 axis Horizontal

Jig Grinders

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MITSUI SEIKI High Precision Jig Grinder Model 6GCN with Ultra-precision accuracy operations provides efficiency grinding of exotic materials, fine cermics, carbide and conventional materials that demand jig grinding tolerances. Integrated circuit logic, closed loop, complete electrical equipment for operation on 3-phases 50/60Hz 200/220 Volts AC.


Working Range
Table longitudinal travel (X axis) 1,020 mm
Saddle table transversal travel ( Y axis) 760 mm
Quill vertical travel (Z axis) 140 mm
Cross rail vertical travel (W axis) 680 mm
Distance between columns 1,120 mm
Max. distance from table surface to grinding spindle nose 715 mm
Work surface 1,280 X 960 mm
Nos. of T slots 8 on 106 mm pitch
Rapid feed 5,000 mm/min.
Fine feed 0.1 - 2,000 mm/min.
Permissible load table 1,200 kg
Spindle Saddle
Rapid feed 5,000 mm/min.
Fine feed 0.1 - 2,000 mm/min.
Cross Rail
Speed of cross rail elevating 560 mm/min.
Main spindle speed 5 - 300 rpm
Radial adjustment of planetary motion (Fine adjustment) 0 - 500 mm Ø
Min. graduation of radial adjustment on dia. 0.001 mm Ø
Spindle quill vertical travel 140 mm
Chopping Max 135mm
Oscillating speed/25mm (1") 200 cycle/min
C Axis
Rapid feed 2,600º/min.
Fine feed 0.1º - 2,600º/min.
Automatic Wheel Infeed
Pre-set data storage 10 sets
Minimum resolution 0.001mm (on dia.)
Infeed increment 0.001 - 4.000mm (on dia.)
Pre-settable infeed amount 4.000mm (on dia.)
Numbers of cycle/increment 1 - 99
Grinding Capacity
Largest hole ground without adapter 100mm Ø
Largest hole ground with adapter 310mm Ø
Smallest hole ground 0.5mm Ø
Taper grinding angle (Standard taper/reverse taper) 0º - 3º
 included angle over full travel of quill
Machine Dimensions
Length X Width X Height(Max.) 3,865 X 3,275 X 2,802mm
Height from floor to table top 965 mm
Net weight 9,000 kg
Power Consumption
Power Requirements 18 KVA (standard)
Compressed Air
Air pressure 6 kg/cm2(0.59Mpa) or more
Max. air consumption 300NL/min
Minimum Resolution
X, Y and Z axis 0.0001 mm
C axis 0.0005º
Z axis 0.0005 mm
Rapid Feed
X and Y axis 5,000mm/min
Z axis 3,000mm/min
C axis 2,600º/min
Cutting Feed rate
X and Y axis 0.1 - 2,000mm/min
Z axis 0.1 - 13,000mm/min
C axis 0.1º - 2,600º/min
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