Industries Served


Mitsui Seiki has been a major machine tool supplier to the aerospace industry for over 30 years. We have enjoyed long-term relationships with the leading OEM commercial aircraft and propulsion manufacturers and the top tier subcontractors.

With the advent of new materials and methods of airframe and propulsion manufacturing, the need for more capable machine tools is at an all time high. Mitsui Seiki has responded to this challenge with new, innovative, and thoughtfully engineered solutions incorporating such functions as milling, turning, and grinding. With Mitsui Seiki’s technology, our customers are producing their parts with higher levels of precision and accuracy, while maintaining close control over necessary cost reduction objectives.

We translate our aerospace customers’ challenges into effective machining centers cutting such critical materials as titanium, titanium alloys, nickel alloys, composites and other tough materials. We have decades of experience in these specific applications:
  • Hard Metal Airframe Components
  • Rotating Engine Components
  • Engine Cases
  • Gearbox Transmissions
  • High Performance Actuators
  • Fuel Systems
We invite you to submit your challenges to us, and learn more about our in-depth knowledge base in the aero industry.

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