Five-Axis Machine Line Delivers High-Accuracy Features for Aerospace Work
Modern Machine Shop, June 2015
Mitsui Seiki Launches New Vertex 75X II Vertical Machining Center
Manufacturing Engineering, May 2015
Quality Scan: Great Tools: The Best Defense Against Downtime
Manufacturing Engineering, December 2014
A Compact but Rigid VMC for Machining Titanium Blades
Modern Machine Shop, November 2014
Viewpoints: Think About IMTS 2020 Before You Attend IMTS 2014
Manufacturing Engineering, August 2014
KT Engineering Thinks Ahead
Manufacturing Engineering, March 2014
The Benefits of Vertical Thread Grinding
Modern Machine Shop, December 2013
What it Takes to Tackle Tungsten
Modern Machine Shop, June 2013
"Hard Metal" Machines
Cutting Tool Engineering, March 2013
Good Connections: The Combination of a Rigid Machine Tool and Strong Spindle Connection is Ideal for Cutting Titanium
Cutting Tool Engineering, December 2012
Cut the Tough Stuff, September 2012
Precision Parts Shop Aims High to Win Big
Manufacturing Engineering, March 2012
Laissez-faire, Dear Washington: Leave us be, let us do
Aerospace Manufacturing and Design, March 2012
New Machining Technology Development
Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing, September 2011
Mitsui SeikiTiME Seminar Addresses Challenges
of Titanium Machining

Northeast Manufacturing News, August 2011
Design the Parts Around the Process
Modern Machine Shop, April 2011
Pour assurer une performance précise à 30000 pieds,
il faut compter sur un usinage précis au sol

Plein Vol, April 2011
Aerospace Case Study
Canadian Metalworking, April 2011
Aerospace Parts: Latest Advances in Ti 5553 Machining
Metalworking Equipment News, April 2010
Boeing Tests Optimum Titanium Machining
Modern Machine Shop, October 2009
Cut Gears on 5-Axis
Gear Technology, August 2009
For Aerospace, the Proper Tool for the Proper Job is Key
Gear Technology, June 2009
Difficult Materials Require Special Machines
Manufacturing Engineering, April 2009
How One Shop Machines Advanced Ceramics
Modern Machine Shop, February 2009
What Is a "Heavy Metal" Machine?
Manufacturing Engineering, February 2009
Magnus Precision Re-Defines Its Philosophy on Efficiency
Northeast Manufacturing News, January 2009
How Do You Get All The Benefits Out of Your
Machine Tool Investment?

American Machinist, March 2008
Shaping Tomorrow's Markets
Tooling & Production, January 2008
Light-Heavyweight Machining
Cutting Tool Engineering, December 2007
Machine Tool Accuracy In 3D
American Machinest, October 2007
An Interview with Scott Walker
Today's Machining World, October 2007
Rock Solid
Cutting Tool Engineering, August 2007
Let's Set a Standard for Volumetric Accuracy
Manufacturing Engineering, July 2007
Pay now, or pay later
American Machinest, June 2007
Accurate, integrated machining
American Machinest, June 2007
Production Strategies at Mitsui
Tooling and Production, May 2007
Letter from Japan
Today's Machining World, April 2007
There's No Second Place in Aerospace
Manufacturing Engineering, March 2007
Stability and Precision
Manufacturing Engineering, October 2005
Closing the loop on cellular moldmaking
Tooling & Production, July 2004

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