Is a Mitsui Seiki right for you?
Maybe. Maybe not.
Here's how to figure that out.
We encourage our prospective customers to ask themselves the following questions
when contemplating a machine tool purchase .

1.  What is the quality level of the parts you are making?
Low? Medium? High?
2.  What is the purpose of the machine?
Heavy roughing and ample torque like a dump truck.
Or is speed and precision, like a race car, your goal?
3.  Are machine stiffness dynamics and rigidity characteristics important to successfully machine your parts? Click for more information

4.  Is your business at a point at which it would be helpful to gain knowledge and make more networking connections in the industries you serve? Click for more information

If you answered: 1. “high”, 2. “either or both”, 3. “yes”, and 4. “yes”, we can help you meet your objectives. Click here to help us learn a bit more about you.

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Heavy Metal Machining Considerations
Scott Walker, President, Mitsui Seiki, USA
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